Cold Email SERVICE

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Done-For-You AI
Cold Email Outreach

Starts at $2,000/month

(Goals & deliverables-based pricing)

βœ“ We create opportunities
βœ“ You close sales

Old vs New Approach

What’s included


βœ… Email & Domain Setup
βœ… Weekly/Monthly Reports
βœ… Manage Inbox & Campaigns
βœ… Market Research & Targeting
βœ… Develop & Optimize Campaigns
βœ… Lead Enrichment & Segmentation
βœ… AI Personalized Email Copywriting
βœ… Build Relationships, Book Meetings


Week 1: We Understand Your Goals
Week 1: Identify Your Audience
Week 1-2: Setup Outreach System
Week 1-2: Craft Tailored Campaigns
Week 3: Send Timed Personalized Emails
Week 4: Book Sales Meetings
Ongoing: Review Results & Refine Tactics


β€’ Sales Development Rep
β€’ Deliverability Expert
β€’ Account Manager
β€’ Lead Researcher
β€’ Copywriter


Quality or quantity?

Our priority is quality for meaningful engagement. Once we achieve satisfactory results, we’ll increase quantity without losing the personal approach.

When can we start?

Your first campaigns kicks off 2 weeks after signing the contract. During those 2 weeks, we set up the technical side and plan your campaigns.

Do I own the system?

We build and manage the outreach system. After the 3-month partnership, you can take complete ownership if desired – domains, emails, leads, automations, everything.

When will I see results?

You can expect to see results within 3-4 weeks as we fine-tune and optimize our strategies.

What’s the pricing model?

We charge a monthly retainer with no long-term commitment or per-lead commissions. If you cancel, we refund the remaining month’s fee. Pricing is based on your specific goals and required resources, which we’ll discuss on a 15-minute call.

Is the process transparent?

Absolutely. If you prefer you can approve all draft messages and prospect lists before we proceed. We adjust targeting based on your feedback to ensure you’re comfortable.

What psychology in emails?

We write friendly, conversational emails to provide value first, not sell. Copywriting + human nature principles help spark interest and book sales meetings.

How will you update me on progress?

You’ll receive live updates from the outreach tool for each campaign, as well as weekly/monthly performance reports tracking all metrics.

What customer support can I expect?

You’ll have 24/7 access via Slack, so support is just a message away whenever you need it. Our aim is a seamless experience for you.

How is your cold email approach different?

We go beyond basics. By custom-building lead lists and using AI for highly personalized emails based on actual buying signals. Resulting in higher response rates.

Do you guarantee x number of leads in x days?

No, we don’t guarantee a specific number of leads within a set timeframe. Instead of rushing for volume, our approach focuses on attracting high-quality, targeted leads that are an ideal fit for your business and most likely to convert into valuable customers over time.

Why three months partnership is recommended?

Three months allows us to fully analyze, test, and refine our strategies for best results based on market response data.



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